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  1. Physics-informed Intelligent Calibration & Reliability Analysis Framework for Physical Systems, 2021
  2. Dynamic Optimization-Free Traffic Light Signal Offset Control System, 2020
  3. Learning Contextual Memory System for Traffic Light Optimization, 2020
  4. Short-Term Spatio-Temporal Traffic Prediction System, 2019
  5. Multisensory Learning System for Traffic Prediction, 2019
  6. Online Traffic Reasoner for City-Level Smart Traffic Light Management, 2019
  7. Automatic Model Selection for Timeseries Prediction on Data Streams, 2019
  8. Online Traffic Controller with Spatio-Temporal Learning Extensions for Online Machine Learning Prediction, 2019
  9. DataBase-Embedded Streaming Engine, 2019
  10. A System for Higher-Order Stream Processing, 2018
  11. Streaming Random Forest, 2018
  12. Stream Feature Extractor, 2017
  13. Dynamic Model-oblivious Adaptive Ghost Cells for Distributed Agent-based Simulations, 2023
  14. Automated Road Network Junction Correction from Aerial Imagery, 2023

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